R.I.P to Heavyweight Lover Heavy D

Rest in peace to rapper Heavy D as he was pronounced dead yesterday after he was rushed to the hospital from collapsing outside his home in Los Angeles. His music played a tremendous role in the growth of hip hop music from it’s early beginnings. He was known as the “the overweight lover MC” as he swooned the ladies with his charismatic persona and energetic flow. His music represented the bridge that blended hip hop and R&B music in his record label Uptown Records. Heavy D’s sound sucked the listener into a whirlpool of uplifting tunes mixed with effervescent energy that kept the body moving for days. His flow produced so much energy, it could probably serve as the energizer bunny that drove hip hop to the point it is today. He caressed the ladies with tunes shrouded in love and served as an icon for many. His music represented a patron for the 90’s hip hop sound as his music was the theme song for the television shows “In Living Color” and “Mad.” He’s had a tremendous mark on this Earth and he will be missed. His music will sit in the hall of fame for legendary hip hop as we will always keep his jubilant melodies with us.

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