“Just a Friend” by Mario

It’s easy for the Browser fighting, Yoshi riding, plumber extraordinaire Mario to outshine the likes of singer Mario Barrett within the realms of the modern world. But his recipes of sweet R&B tunes has entertained many of our taste buds for many years since his first single. The singer evolved from being that cute 15-year-old with the cornrows to a performer of sexy swag due to his simple, yet charming persona.

I’m happy with the growth of this young singer, but can never forget the first sight of his pinch worthy cheeks in “Just a Friend.” My heart dives into an ocean of innocence from this Biz Markie classic remake. And it almost drowned in ecstasy from his smooth voice and persistence to get the girl in the video. Lord knows I wanted to be that girl when this vid first graced my television screen. Sigh The days of when a guy stalking you down the block was actually exciting. Well of course it can only be so with someone such as Mario.

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