Let’s Have Kalae All Day

The fierce bellows of hip hop femcees appeared to have either softened or died out. Their voices quietly reside in the underground only left for die hard independent fans to follow. Yet, the mainstream have a meek menu of one flavor in female rap. And one flavor can get a bit bland after a while. But the voices of the few striving to get the spotlight are still admired by many from their versatility and hunger for music.

Kalae All Day satisfies this hunger with her varying taste for different music. A whirlpool of creativity from fhis Harlem born emcee  has spun into the Mecca of unique aesthetics. A supremcy of eclectic sounds and dope lyrics exudes this Queen of organic style. Kalae has a range of musical entities. She meshes the worlds of hip hop and neo-soul with a dash of electronic using the arts of rapping and singing. Her bold red lip stick and audacious fro paints a visual picture of the bubble of creative energy waiting to burst onto the masses. Her voice and lyrical flow is powerful enough to knock down the wall of conformity seen in some hip hop music. She’s done over 100 shows in New York and released her first album AFROMATiKNEOHiPPiEROCK*SOLEMUSiK over the past three yearsCheck out this rapture of down-to-earth, original, and adroit music from this afromatic-neo- hippie-rockstar-soulstress. Kalae can definitely provide the world with a tasteful recipe of flavorful listening treats for everyone to enjoy.


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