“Full Time Lover” by Peter Hadar

Electro beats and a smooth voice is a combination I never thought could be blended together. I mean, techo songs usually seem to resort to either no voice and just pure music or a few echoes of a distant voice coming from out of nowhere. Yet, neo-soul artist Peter Hadar manages to make it work quite wonderfully in his single “Full Time Lover.” The electro-funky track sets a mood for a cool evening out on the town from the low, but energetic beat. Hadar possesses a vibe of classic swag from the smooth flow of his deep voice. My feet might teleport to the next existing dance floor from the jubilant feel this song carries. However, he is talking about a good time with his special one, so maybe the club could be saved for a different tune and let this one lead me into a fun start of a romantic evening.


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