Bilal Salaam’s Musical Stance

Bilal Salaam dove into a pool of social justice, artistic expression and funk-tastic grooves to become immersed in a musical combination ingenious to anything out there. Various cultural upbringings mark the minor details of what develops his sound. After studying classical voice at The University of The Arts in Philadelphia and journalism at Morgan State University and joining the group Urban Ave 31 (featuring W. Ellington Felton, Omar Retnu (The Els) and Raheem DeVaughn) once hearing how their social sayings matched the essence of his soul, he embarked on a journey to start a music career of his own. His message tackles the twisted bias of the music industry in remarkable singles like “Blah,” “Dope,” “Noohustle” and “Modern Day Slavery.” His music has taken me to a wonderland of soothing melodies, fierce words and a bold stance on the truth residing in society. I want to pump my fist up in the air and rock my head to his bumping tracks all day long. His music has entranced my heart into a paradise of  fresh tunes keeping me musically satisfied for days to come.


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