Writing on the Brain

I’ve been having a bit of a writing trauma lately. It’s my pleasure to post about how I feel about music mostly and on some issues that pertain to many of us out there. Yet, this is something that holds a great deal of importance to me and to those of you who like to write. I just wanted to let out my thoughts today since they’ve been shoving their way out into the open for some time now.

A lot of the time, I read other people’s writing and can’t help but compare it to my own. It’s a habit that needs to stop, but I can’t help it. I’m an addict who’s addicted to putting down my writing instead of loving it and watching it grow. There’s a definite need for it to evolve and become the wonder that I know God wanted it to be. But as of now, I’m in a bit of a stump. I feel like I need a simple burst of inspiration: A captivating picture, a wonderful book, an amazing true story. Maybe I need a chorus of people to randomly come out of nowhere and sing me into editorial bliss. Because we live in the real world, I know something will come forth, slowly but surely. The love of writing will forever more stay dear to me. But as I’m letting it expand, sometimes it can be a little frustrating figuring out how  to let it grow.

I just thought, for today, I would devote my post to the one thing that keeps me involved in letting you know about my passion for music and life itself: my writing.

Because of my love for music, I will also leave a song/video from Amel Larrieux called “You Will Rise” that possesses the message of growth although not necessarily in writing.


  1. inspiration is overrated The only way a writer can truly excel is with a consistent schedule and a plot outline.
    Inspiration only lasts so long… its dedication that makes a writer great… or just finish.


    1. I don’t think inspiration is overrated, but I do agree that dedication is what makes a writer great. It’s like if you let it fall apart or stop writing for a while, it’ll be a lot more difficult to become great. Consistency and practice can get you there.


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