“Beautiful Lie” By Ryan Leslie

The passion, dedication and love for music are all components seen in the determined swag of Ryan Leslie. His hunger for the art form comes through in all his projects. The true potential of this artist is definitely displayed in how much enthusiasm and drive he has in his videos of him making each track in the studio. Leslie truly takes advantage of the destiny he has in potentially becoming one of the great ones in the music industry.

As part of his visual album Les is More, R.Les just released his second installment “Beautiful Lie.” The video is set in a black & white Paris with a gorgeous model as the female lead. This track is embellished with hype techno beats and fast drums that I’m sure he compiled in his studio of excellence. The artist embraces more of his rapper persona in this semi-energetic tune. He raps about the awesome “benefits” his success has given him, but seems to question the authenticity of its short life in the chorus. The glam of the celebrity life is something many of us dream about in the back of our minds. But, is the dream really worth it if this type of life is only for a short amount of time?


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