“Love After War” by Robin Thicke

With the harsh winter looming nearby (Just ignore the warm weather. Believe me, it’s not staying), comes the inevitable resistance to staying outdoors and succumbing to the irresistible warmth of a cozy comforter. The temperatures may drop, but tempers still rise when the four walls bounding a couple in their lovely abode can’t relieve them of their anger when things get a little rough. The supporting heat of a home can’t match the inferno of turmoil ready to burst after having no escape from their incessant presence. However, this impassioned emotion can heat up into a flame of vivacious love that’ll continue to grow.

Robin Thicke keeps his flames of love alive in his new video “Love After War.” The R&B crooner brings his wife actress Paula Patton into this sumptuous mix of love and desire. The French language never sounded so beautiful once hearing it at the beginning as an introduction to this sexy video. Scenes of the two gently arguing, sexy lingerie and a lot of skin create a sweltering atmosphere that can be felt seeping through the computer screen.

The tune provides a great example of contemporary R&B that I can imagine calmly listening to on a lazy Sunday afternoon in the midst of my comfy living room. It sounds like the perfect melody for a relaxing evening at home. So when a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife gets on your last nerves, let this soothing tune drive you two into a lovers bliss once again. Because a pleasuring treat is surely waiting for you from that unconditional love you have for each other.



    1. That’s awesome. I’m glad you were able to visualize it even with your job’s obstruction from the music. It really is a great song. You should listen to it when you get a chance.


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