“Possibilities” by Timothy Bloom

Timothy Bloom graces us once again with his new video called “Possibilities.” Unlike the sensual fire of passionate union in his last video “Til the End of Time,” this track is much more humble and tranquil from its destitute location and words of revelation. The lyrics create a magical stream of honesty because of his desire to profess his love even though his personal issues limit him from letting his love grow. “If loving you now is my mistake, then I’d give it all up before your heart starts to break,” sings this magnetic force of talent. His angelic voice is a soothing awakening to the hidden troubles buried within the message of the song. The video shows him as a lonely old man playing a song on a piano in a desert and also how he looks now playing the same piano with short clips of him embracing the joy of being with his sweetheart. “Possibilities” emphasizes the limitless boundaries of where Bloom’s voice can carry while highlighting the power of his talent from the vulnerability in his lyrics.

He also sounds like a more soulful version of Usher. =)


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