“More & More” by Georgia Anne Muldrow featuring Bilal

The soulful songstress Georgia Anne Muldrow embraces the lovely details of what makes her who she is in her laid-back joint called “More & More” featuring Bilal. This song personifies an acknowledgement of the unconditional love one could have for oneself and for the influential people around them. It mostly epitomizes a pure love for the soul, caress and pride of being black. Her voice lightly mimics the deep revere of India Arie, but harmonizes in it’s own unique character. The treat of Bilal’s smooth voice also adds a nice touch to this cool tune. The video is full of color, symbols and life as clips of happy black couples, women and men smile throughout the video with some of them wearing pins that say “I Love My Hair.” Intricate colorful patterns of lines pay homage to the African American heritage as they highlight the empowering message of how wonderful it is to be black. A pleasant feeling of self-pride circulate my essence after hearing this meaningful song. Remember to always let the love you have for yourself, roots and culture blossom into a form that’ll allow your spirit to glow.


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