“Rock Witcha” by Ruben Studdard featuring K. Michelle

It’s been a while since I’ve really heard anything from American Idol winner Ruben Studdard. His past five albums have dimmed low on the radar, but he’s put forth a lot of energy into his work. This artist has produced music all centered in the R&B and Gospel genre barely generating any significant buzz to most popular radio stations. But he’s ready to capture our hearts again with his cuddly presence in his remake of Bobby Brown’s song “Rock Witcha” with K. Michelle. This tune is the first single to his upcoming album Letter from Birmingham and is a lovely rendition of the 1988 hit. He caresses the song with compassion, tenderness and care transforming it into an almost completely different song. Romance and soul knocks the once bump-n-grindesque version of the song into a calm tune of intimacy. Warmth enraptures every tingling sensation of my heart with his soothing croons of velvety wonders. His voice is like a light air wafting over my eardrums in an effluence of pleasure. It’s presence keeps love simple bringing home the gentle moments of a light touch or the joyful escape of looking into a lover’s eyes. Studdard revives the soul faintly glimmering in the eyes of contemporary R&B with the intense emotion captured in his sensual voice.


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