“Let It Snow” by Boyz II Men

The coming of this holiday season used to warm me up like a snuggly warm blanket on a cold winter night. Excitement used to rush through my veins from anticipation of Christmas presents, holiday music and a sheet of white snow on Christmas morning. Around the 13-15 of this month, my father would always buy a fresh tree and I would get the prestigious honor of decorating it. As frigid as it was outside, December always brought a sensation of warmth from the good times and treasuring memories into the bank of my childhood past. The music was something I couldn’t get enough of either as I would belt out all the words to each and every song whenever I’d hear one. (In my head of course). These classics are simple, timeless and will forever represent an intimate image of family gatherings and good times into the center of many memories.

Yet, some songs still bring that holiday warmth into my spirit even during the most wicked snow storms we’ve been having in recent years. “Let It Snow” by Boyz II Men not only reminds me of the pleasures of being a child during Christmas, but it brings me back to the times when a good R&B group could make some truly soulful music. The slow grooving beat transports my mind back into a time of simple desires. The boys gracefully harmonize together in an elegant remedy of smooth listening for the Grinch effected soul. Their voices collectively capture the friendly feeling of well-spent time with a loved one during the quiet cascade of the crystallized water falling peacefully outside. It keeps me excited for the Christmas memories ready to come. This time of year doesn’t only have to be a reminiscent memory saved for childhood. “Let It Snow” allows my conscience to wrap around the comforting presence this holiday season always seems to bring.


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