“Mr. Wrong” by Mary J. Blige

There’s this drug that most women seem to be addicted to. It’s available on the street corners, in the schools, in the work place, everywhere. Almost every woman has tried it at least once. She adores it, cherishes it and wants more of it. Even though the effects of this drug always leaves her on the same path of despair and misery after every hit she takes. The physical comforts of this drug is a pleasure that’s just too satisfying to ignore. But the long-term effects of it can lead to a life of emotional and physical problems that might never heal.

This drug I’m talking about is a bad boy. His hard core swagger and thuggish appeal is like a suffocating mist that tempts the body regardless of how many times the mind cries out no. Mary J. Blige’s newest single “Mr. Wrong” personifies her personal addiction to the drug in just the right ways. The Queen of R&B and Hip Hop soulfully tells her troubled story of how it’s hard to escape the mesmerizing trance of the wrong one. The song is like a smooth ballad to the heartstrings of the down trodden and the addicted. The beat is hypnotizing in itself from its slow moving flow mixed in with its body moving rhythm. It’s video starts off with a musical box with Blige dancing inside of it as sexy songstress singing her sad tale of love and heartbreak. It’s almost as if the innocent part of her was transformed into a more darker version of her former child-like self. Bad boys may bring in the excitement to a dull, lusterless life. But they leave you with a tremendous heartache almost incapable of the right one to mend.

That’s why I like my good boys. They can be just as exciting. ;). Remember what mama used to say; stay away from drugs.



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