“Co-Sign” by SWV

Hearing the news that the women of SWV (Sisters With Voices) are back drove a tingling sensation of happiness to the tips of my fingers to the tips of my toes. I was a young child when their classics like “Weak,” Right Here,” “Rain,” and “I’m So Into You” were all popular. Still, their music followed me and many other young fans into adulthood.

After a break of over a decade from the music scene, SWV has released a new single called “Co-Sign”  that is very reminiscent to the captivating vibe they had back in the 90’s. The tune has this realness and simplicity that’s very true to their original sound. The ladies use a modern term (co-sign) and mix it in with a bumping old school beat to produce an awesome new dish of R&B class. It’s great how SWV kept it real to the essence of who they are instead of trying to conform. It seems like many artists who make a come back have to deal with the difficult task of making an impression to a whole new world of different listeners. But remember ladies, you’re fans will always be right here.


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