“Make it Happen” by Mariah Carey

Simple or extravagant moments can last a lifetime within the cores of our memories. Something significant splashes into our conscience at times whenever we think about the past. Whenever we work hard and hold on with enough patience for better days, the heavens open up and happiness finally comes to town. And that feeling is always remembered because of the effort put into getting  it. Joy can overflow as a tingling sensation that radiates through the body when placed in that historic moment of bliss. We can work so hard to make a moment last forever, but a little bit of time and effort will make those precious moments last forever.

The jubilant tune “Make it Happen” by Mariah Carey shows how diligence can make a wonderful moment end up in our memory banks of happiness. This song shouts, runs, kicks, dances and just simply moves with the message of the results of what a little prayer and hard work can do. In the days when Carey wore more clothing and had massive hits, she embodied a tremendous amount of soul from the delicate DNA of her voice. “If you believe in yourself enough and know what you want. You’re gonna make it happen. Make it Happen,” a choir calmly sings within the tune. The best moments in life are made with all sorts of ingredients: simplicity, patience, love, laughter, faith….But these memorable events could never lighten up the elements of our life if there was no effort in making them happen.



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