New Year Evolution

The final hours of 2011 are ticking away. I want to hold on longer, but I can’t go into next year kicking and screaming. This year has flown by like the speed of an oncoming Japanese train. There was the good, the bad, and the ugly. It was different for everyone, but I’m sure many are ready to see what 2012 has in store for them.

Many people make New Years resolutions at the start of the year. It’s tradition to begin a new year fresh with new hopes, dreams and aspirations. People make their resolutions all filled up with pride in themselves about the new changes they’re about to enforce in their lives.

Whether it’s to eat less fast food, run more or stop smoking, people get the enthusiasm in their hearts that things are going to change. But months pass by in the year and they may get part of their tasks completed, if any. It’s so easy for them to fall victim to the comforts of their desires.

They stay the same person they were the year before. No changes made. Life moves on even if they didn’t go along with it.

New Years Resolutions can be a great way to promote change in a life. Although, procrastination is a jerk and it can take over.

I say, in the New Year, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t stick to your resolution. We all want to change and be better people. But just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean that we have to force ourselves to do things we’re just not ready for.

Whatever problem is going on in your life, do it on your own time. It’s important to evolve throughout life. But you can’t always force yourself to do it. Growth takes time. Make your New Year’s resolutions all year round. Become a better you all the time. We have many steps in life to take to truly mature into stronger individuals. Complete those steps all throughout the year, not just at the beginning.

I feel like I’ve matured and completed so much throughout this year. I’m a bit remorseful that it’s about to end, but I’m excited for a new year full of surprises, challenges, progress and the simplicity of life. 2011 will be missed from all the life lessons it has taught me and others. I’m sure all the way into March, many of us will still be writing down dates with 2011 in the year. But where ever our journey takes us next year, may it be a successful and virtuous one. Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2011 was good to you and wish you all the best in 2012.

There are many songs this year that stand out as being some of my favorites. But one song that I could never get enough of this year is “Someone Like You” by Adele. I will leave you with this amazing song as we leave this year behind and enter the new year. =)


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