The Trials to Happiness

 Welcome to 2012 everyone!!! We’ve entered a new year full of possibilities and ventures to keep our minds flourishing with experiences. The elements of yesteryear were only a few days ago, but are still knocking into the surface of our memories allowing us to remember what is now a historical presence in our thoughts. With the New Year beginnings, all I want for this year is a little peace, growth and happiness. Yet, one thing I would definitely like to keep out of my year is that begrudging aura of negativity.

 Some people just love to be miserable. Life has been hard on them, so they continue onto each year unconsciously (or maybe this is what they want) spreading a wave of bad energy onto everyone. The cloud spreads like the Bubonic Plague torturing the blissful to a state of hopelessness. They complain about their loved ones, about their finances and about the people around them they know nothing about.

It’s something we all hate, run away from and even attack at the very inkling of it. Although, some of us who claim to want to keep a tranquil vibe running through our veins are the very people who fuel the fire of despair.

In order to have a life full of peace and happiness, we must rid of those who cause us to become unpleasant human beings. When someone spreads negativity, it’s like an epidemic disease. It moves from person to person suffocating each and every positive thought leaving behind a desperate and empty form in its wake.

Even though we want a world of peace, we’re the ones who cause all the calamity. The news is clogged with people who die for dumb reasons because someone couldn’t get over a little beef. The face of every rider on the train is indifferent to the homeless or the hurt because we’re so used to seeing all the unfortunate around us. It’s like we’re trained not to care anymore. The city is so filled with people dealing with hard times that all of its citizens become hard themselves.

Negativity is a powerful force that easily takes over the minds of many. But we don’t have to let it. It’s difficult to remain positive when life or the people around us fall victim to bad circumstances, but happiness is definitely worth the fight. It may be hard to get to happy, but the trek is soooo beneficial once we try. Sometimes, I let the negativity of my own life control my mood. But the more I give in to the power, the further away I am from peace.

If you let the misery of your life control you, it will never leave you. Almost everything will seem bad and you’ll only think about the bad instead of focusing on the good. Letting the idea of what we don’t have or what we’re miserable with will allow what we’re happy with slip away. We got to do all we can to help others, but firstly we must help ourselves find our own paradise.

Having a good, balanced life is so attainable if we just try, really try not to let that disease of negativity make us sick. There could be so many negative factors in life that can cause others despair, but the best way to fix them is with positivity and patience. It’s hard. Yes. But everything in life is hard. We all got problems that take our joy away. We got to work hard for the things we want the most. That doesn’t have to stop at happiness.


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