The Cool Sounds of Ovall

Japan isn’t only known for its advanced technology that’s superior to the likes of any other nation out there. It’s also a culture of excellent rhythm and soul. One of Japan’s many talented groups called Ovall definitely signifies the purity of a good soul music trio. They’re an amazing hip hop and spiritual jazz band that’s based in Tokyo. They create a musical formula of live instruments and sampling to create a mixture of eclectic tastes and unique sounds. Shingo Suzuki (bass/keyboardist), Shingo Sekiguchi (guitarist) and Mabanua (drummer) make up this stellar group.

They have pleased my ears in an ecstasy of satisfying listening with their single “Supalover”  featuring 20syl and David Le Denuff of the group Hocus Pocus. It comes from their first album Don’t Care Who Knows That. It starts off with a simple guitar melody and is later charmed by the cool sounds of Le Denuff. The music’s sound is organic to the very core from its tasteful drumming, light guitar strums and smooth singing. This beat takes me to the mystical calm of a jazzy dreamland. I could imagine the melody creating a warm haze of happiness on this frigid January day. I hope the allure of Ovall will take you to a soulful relaxation place as they’ve taken me.


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