“And I’m Telling You, I’m Not Going” by Jennifer Hudson

The voice seems to embody its own persona. It quakes, it shakes, it moves, it grooves; it’s timid and shy but also boisterous and confident. The voice becomes a stance of its own whenever spoken commonly in a conversation or eloquently in a song. It breaks out from the confining box of the person it’s in and truly personifies the delightful qualities residing inside. Freedom to express the many elements bound within this sound is a simple treasure seen in all forms of music.

We’ve seen the beauty of a powerful voice many times throughout music history. But I still remember how six years ago, society was so impressed by the talented voices of the women in “Dreamgirls.” We all fell in love with the story of how three young women blossomed into lovely songstresses and faced the cruel world of the music biz. Yet, the voice that captivated us the most was that of Jennifer Hudson. Her song, “And I’m Telling You, I’m Not Going,” circulated from the mouths of all the sisters moved by its empowering effects. Her voice had so many emotions: happiness, anger, sadness and defiance. It practically shook the screens of televisions and movie theaters everywhere. Her entire performance oozed with passion. This is definitely the type of voice that possess it’s own sense of style, power and prestige. With croons like this, I honestly can’t understand how Curtis could leave such a powerhouse like that. Obviously, his character couldn’t recognize real talent but only what society calls “beautiful.” But the voice of Ms. Hudson is more than just beautiful. So much more.


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