My Writing Relationship

 I love to write. I love it so much that sometimes it’s like being in a relationship with it. I see it every morning whenever I open my laptop. It makes me feel good whenever I give it attention. Our relationship grows whenever we spend time together. Those precious moments are well cherished. But they are so hard to get.

 I’m like my writings neglectful partner. It’s one of the first things I see when I wake up. Although, sometimes I have to ignore it because of work. Hours can go by and it doesn’t get the real love that it needs. I think about it all the time. On the train, in the shower and even at work. But when the time comes around to pound out ideas, I’m either too tired or uninspired.

 Writing must be nurtured and I’m neglecting to nurture it. Ideas come and go, but so does time. I want my best to go into this relationship. But sometimes my best could be just being there. Even if it’s for five minutes, I need to show it how much I care. I love you, writing. I want to be there for you as much as I can. Please forgive me when I let other obligations get in the way.

 Regardless of how much time spent away from it, my love holds true and dear. Our love will continue to grow as long as I remember the good and the bad times that have molded our union. Writing, I could never let you go. With all that you’ve given me, I could only give back more.



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