“Before I Let Go” by Blackstreet

As I listen to quiet rain fall outside my window, I’m brought back to memories of sitting in my room enjoying the timeless classics of good R&B as a teenager. The songs on the radio were the lullabies that sung me to sleep every night. One song that had me imagining of being in the arms of my teenage dream was “Before I Let You Go” by Blackstreet. This charming ditty embraced my eager dreams of kissing a boy goodnight before I was even allowed to. Today it carries my soul into warmth away from the wet and dreary weather around me. I love how this song keeps my body in movement with finger snaps and light foot movement. A groove like this surely can bring the power of passion into any relationship even if just for a moment. Let’s recollect the flames of Blackstreet and let them fuel our spirits on this cold winter day.

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