Rest in Peace Ms. Etta James

A gentle fall of Japanese Cherry blossoms drop to the floor on an affectionately warm day. The sun’s casual glow lightly grazes the cheeks of those comforted by this pleasant touch of the burning star light years away. A calm breeze blows by raising the trees’ petals to an unknown location. Music plays in the background with harmonious violin playing with a soft pinch of the blues. The thundering bellows of Etta James keeps me dreaming of this Spring time place that I could only imagine during this Winter snowfall outside.

Her song “At Last” has levitated many minds to Cloud Nine even for just a brief moment. This woman with her remarkable voice and story has died yesterday at age 73. Jamesetta Hawkins was known for her domineering sound that blended Rock & Roll, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Gospel and Soul. Her voice sifted into the molds of heartbreak, passion and joy transcribing the emotions of real sorrow and romance. Singles like “I’d Rather Go Blind,” “I Just Want to Make Love to You,” “All I Could Do Was Cry” and “What You Want Me To Do” created a formula of feminine grace packed in with a punch of sass and spirit. The world was blessed with God’s creation of this songstress that was quite like no other. May she rest in peace and be comforted under the arms of the Lord; for her presence on this Earth helped fuel the fire of soul music.


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