“Thank You” by Estelle

Children never know any better. They learn from the shield of their parents’ love and the experiences that mold them. The adults around them could only do so much in how much discipline and knowledge they can bestow upon them. But they still mess up and the pain still hurts. It may be something that hurts us to watch them go through. Yet, we got to remember how much this pain actually helps them. Even as adults, we still mess up; we still can’t stand the pain of our mistakes or the hurt others can give us. But all this pain can only help us. It will help us to develop an understanding for what we need to do to become stronger.

The pain of a heartbreak can marinate into the pores of a soul drowning it into a pool of sorrow. But we have to be thankful for this hurt because it gives us the power to move on. British R&B singer Estelle sums up the gratitude of a fool showing her the light in her new single called “Thank you.” The unwanted realizations of a cheating spouse is displayed greatly in this ballad of truth and smooth cadence. The inert musical ingredients visualize the tears and resilience held in Estelle’s eyes. The irreversible actions of her other half cure her from the love she had for him.

Many of us let the hurt of our loved ones trap us in a state of enduring pain. But once we shake off the pain and see it for what it is, we’ll be able to see the truth and be thankful for it.

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