“Don’t Kiss Me” by Carl Thomas featuring Snoop Dogg

There’s electricity in the air. A hazy warmth covers her face as his own hides behind the invisible glass separating the two. Her lips tingle waiting to feel the moist cushion waiting to press into hers. Seconds feel like hours as their eyes flicker in the moonlight. Anticipation boils in her stomach almost pushing her into him, but her mind keeps her patient. He finally gives in pursing his lips in collapse against hers. Energy radiates through their lips practically fusing them together in this moment of sensual satisfaction.

A kiss can be so eagerly desired or just the norm for some of us. This moment of union is only worth it for some if they really like the person and intend to build a relationship with them. But some just enjoy the excitement of being so intimate with someone they find so attractive one night.

Yet, R&B singer Carl Thomas reminds us of the fire in a long lasting relationship in his newest single “Don’t Kiss Me” featuring Snoop Dogg. It oozes from the candle of passion and romance with its dreamy transience of smooth rhythm. Thomas excelled in the course of ‘How to make a Woman Melt’ in this lovely melody. His voice gives me goose bumps as they dance around on my skin all day. The first kiss can be the most stimulating one in a couple’s lifetime. But those many that come along afterwords intensify the flames in the unconditional love a couple has for each other.


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