“Walk Away” by Olivia

After seeing Olivia in concert last Summer, I was amazed by her beautiful voice and elegant stage presence. She’s most known for her role as a music hungry singer on VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop and as the only dame in G-Unit. Unfortunately, I’m probably one of the only females who doesn’t watch her show. (Sorry guys. Shrugs) But from word of mouth and entertainment blogs, I know she has the passion to make it in this business, but doesn’t put the passion into her music. I’m rooting for in her newest video “Walk Away.” Her performance last Summer transcended a wave of emotion into the audience. Yet, her video somehow doesn’t have the same effect. I commend the message completely. There’s not too many artists out there who are willing to bring awareness to issues such as domestic violence. The video is not bad either. The scenes with the fight/dancing seems to portray a poetic message of the love and struggle going on in our lead’s relationship. Also, Olivia’s voice has a gentle reside with enough power to evoke emotion in her listeners. But I think it would be much better if she used her own story, whatever that may be. This song is wonderful, although it could be outstanding if we saw who Olivia really is.

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