Rest In Peace Whitney Houston

Why did we have to lose another angel? Whitney Houston has passed away today at 48 years old. As of now, the cause of death is unknown, but many are curious as to how this could have happened. I’m heartbroken and saddened by this news. Her voice was like heaven; it was so powerful, yet beautiful. She was a restless songstress resistant in giving her voice a break. She had to let it out, let it escape, let it spread to as many persons as it could. Houston was a vivacious spirit that was magnetic and inspiring.

She inspired me as a young child. I have memories singing her songs in front of the television with a Barbie doll in my hand. Her song “Step by Step” would belt out of my lungs in the shower, in my room, anywhere I was at the moment because I was just so in love with how lively her music was. She truly was an angel in The Preacher’s Wife; that’s really when my loyalty to her music started. I was always elated whenever her new hit would come out during the 90s. The drugs and the alcohol not only destroyed parts of her glow, but it also incinerated some of the respect I had for her. But I will always look up to her. She will always be my hero. I really can’t believe she’s gone. I don’t want to believe it. God, protect her spirit; please take care of her. Many little girls and boys of the past are now disheartened adults who may take a lot of time to get over this. She was on a path to a better Whitney, but I guess God decided it was time for her to come home. May she rest in peace. She will most definitely be missed.

Her rendition of Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman” was my favorite from her among many others.


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