Finding My Balance

My world is shaking right under me. My feet struggle to remain sturdy on this thin platform. My body wobbles in response to this lack of Earth. The things I struggle to hold on to lies tightened in the cusp of my arms: my relationship with God, my family, my dearest friends, my boyfriend, my career and myself. The load is heavy, but they’re all important to hold onto. I look ahead of me and see a long stretch of light. Opportunities float in the air waiting for me to reach upon them. Yet, the strength of my valuables holds me back from reaching forward and remaining on this thing line called life.

With many of us, we all have something of importance to look forward to. Whether it be a successful career, a budding relationship, or growing friendship, these are parts of life that we’re always thankful for.

The limbs of my heart feels a stretch at times when I try to wrap my mind around all that’s important to me. My family pulls me in one direction while my career pulls me in another. I want to focus more time in finalizing what it is that I want to do in life. Or at least a plan to make sure I do what I’m most passionate about. More than anything, I know God has blessed me with the desire to write and to help others. I want to make sure I implement that in any way that I can. I want to be the best of the best for what God has forsaken onto me.

But other times my thoughts stay grounded into improving my relationship with those who are close to me. Whether it be good friends or someone who’s even closer, I want to be there for everyone when times are hard and also when times are steady. But sometimes, I let my work or other things take me away from that.

The point is, in life sometimes it’s hard to keep a secure balance of everything that holds dear to me. There are so many valued aspects that remain treasures in my heart. I want to hold on to them. It’s just hard at times finding the right balance to allow them all to blossom. I just hope everyone including my God, my family, my sweetheart and my close friends all know how much I want to be there for them. And I want my inner self to know how much I care about her and am fighting for the growth for the better. I’m just another soul trying to find my balance in this crazy world. I hope you bloggers out there have found it or are on the way to finding it too.


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