Robin Thicke Helps Us “Exhale” Once Again

When you look up the word “smooth” in the dictionary, surely you will find Robin Thicke’s face staring right back at you. His rendition of Whitney Houston’s “Exhale (Shoop Shoop)” is soulful, pure and rich like a thick swirl of chocolate moose. Its simple piano carries the same calm of a quiet Sunday afternoon where life can become a peaceful dream. We truly see the extraordinary potential of Thicke in this soothing version. His voice could ease an agitated child to sleep with its consistent movement and soft melody. It can bring those of us in pain from this shocking loss to remember the resonating influence Miss Houston has had on many. And even though we are suffering from her loss, we can appreciate the effect she’s had on all of us and the effect she’s had on future soulful royalties in music. Thicke is our soulful king of smooth croons and we can relish from his wonderful gift.


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