“A Dreamer’s Dream:” Tyrese Gibson’s short on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As much as I’ve enjoyed Tyrese’s impressive acting skills and silky singing voice, its also a real pleasure to see how invested he is in the history of our civil rights leaders.

With the collaboration of songstress Jill Scott and actor Blair Underwood, Gibson created an audio-visual short that questions what Dr. King might say about African Americans today. His voice plays the role of Dr. King with Jill Scott as Coretta Scott King and Blair Underwood as himself interviewing King in the 21st Century.

It all started  four years ago when Gibson was in the process of portraying Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in a movie directed by Lee Daniels called “Selma.” During the pre-production stages, the film was shut down. Gibson catapulted himself into the research of the civil rights leader to create a project of his own.

He met with close friends and family of Dr. King, traveled to eight states, stood on the podium that the activist once stood on himself and used all this knowledge to write and produce this film under his company, Voltron Records. The singer reports that the remaining members of King’s family were so affected by this project that they were brought to tears.

What do you think Dr. King would say about our progress today?


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