“Keep Breathing” by The Slakadeliqs featuring Justin Nozuka

You ever felt like there was an enormous pain radiating throughout your entire body? You ever felt like happiness was absorbed from your body leaving an empty void for depression to take its place? Did you realize that all of these feelings were just a result of the turmoil in your life? We’ve all been there. Or at least passed by this road of doom in our most difficult moments. But if we just keep our heads up, there’s always a light waiting for us down the line. Pain is only temporary. The lives we live are sometimes streaked with sorrow to strengthen and humble ourselves for the good that’s waiting to come.

Toronto based producer Slakah the Beatchild or The Slakadeliqs spreads his desire to have faith in his video called “Keep Breathing” featuring Justin Nozuka. The black and white video directed by the artist himself is simple, lively and filled with hope. The clips of the various troubled souls cause a tremor of emotion that practically pulls me into their stories. The two possess an uplifting energy that can calmly rise an individual out of their saddened state. The Slakadeliqs’ croons softly mixes in with the quick drum and guitar playing melody. Their passion for this message seeps into the song emanating an atmosphere for courage. Don’t let the delusions of hard times keep you from finding the silver lining. Dark days could never really take the breath, the life, or the spirit away so easily unless we let them.






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