“Brotha” by Angie Stone

There’s something about them. Something residing in their silky smooth brown skin that keeps us holding on. Something about their strong stance or confident attitude that keeps us feeling protected. There’s something that keeps us linked to them like a crack feen on his next fix. Their passion, ambition, strength and more are the treats and needs that keep the powerful union of us brothers and sisters together.

Black men have good and bad representations. Although, Angie Stone shows how much she appreciates the good ones in her 2001 video “Brotha.” Her hearty yet soulful voice exemplifies the pride she has in the opposite sex. Slow, funky and vivacious, this tune captures the essence of how much black women love their men. Clips of famous black heroes such as Muhammad Ali, Bill Cosby, Jimi Hendrix, Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X are shown throughout the video.

We stay loyal to our men, but at times we let the ones who have fallen overshadow the ones who are still standing. The efforts of our black men are shown with true regal value in this video. Many are struggling, some are still fighting and others have given up. We got to remember why we appreciate them in the first place and shower them with love whenever we can.


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