Think Like A Man by Jennifer Hudson and Ne-Yo featuring Rick Ross

The angst of doubting a good man, but desiring him at the same time drilled into my pores through the enamoring voices of J-Hud and Ne-Yo in their song “Leaving Tonight” from Ne-Yo’s album Because of You. I’m glad to see the two work together again in their new single “Think Like A Man.” Hudson’s killer vocals fused with Ne-Yo’s silky croons make a unique chemistry for some joyous listening. This song is like a 21 century female guide to making the right moves in a relationship. These days love is like a game of chess: a man likes to play out all his powerful pieces to rule the kingdom. But  just like in the game, the queen is the most powerful piece on the court. The track is a reference to the movie Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man which is based on Steve Harvey’s book by the same title. Hudson dominates as a powerhouse vixen in the office while she takes in the guide lines of a man’s mind into her own. With her earth-shattering voice and beautiful presence, we can see how women like her can rule in a relationship.

Check out the actual video here.

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