LaToiya Williams: A “Fallen Star” Who’s Fallen Up

It’s a shame when one of the most impressive voices I’ve ever heard barely receives any light of day. LaToiya Williams has worked with Jay Z, the Game, Busta Rhymes, Freeway and with Snoop Dogg. Her voice sends goosebumps down my spine, yet an even bigger bump grows in the pit of my stomach as I question how I haven’t heard such an amazing singer. Her raspy whispers is as charming as a warm summer breeze bringing ease and relaxation to many. She has such a hypnotic nature that reminds me of the psychedelic sounds of the 70s. She radiates with a sweet persona, pinched with a slight diva-tude. For some time, we haven’t been treated with a full album from the songstress but have had a little taste of her sound through a few songs including one funktastic tune called “Fallen Star.” But she just released a new song called “Different Reality” which is comprised with cool vibes and a relaxed melody to match her equally tranquil voice. I can’t wait to see her blow up.

Also check out her harmonious collaboration with Anthony Hamilton called “My First Love.”

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