“Alone Together” by Daley featuring Marsha Ambrosius

Documents pile up on your desk. You look at the clock. It’s only 9:30 am. You finish a few e-mails, answer a few calls and get prepared to start the undesirable task of going through the latest paperwork. You look at the clock again. It’s 9:45 am. The exhale of anxiety escapes your lips as your mind ponders the taste of what could be on them only a few hours from now. You mindlessly sift through the day with one thing, one person and one moment in mind. The day doesn’t go fast enough even with all the work occupying your space; it can’t kill the insatiable urge to finally be alone with the one person who deserves all the attention.

The work day might be long, but any moment away from a loved one is the distance that reminds us of how important they are in our lives. Singers Daley and Marsha Ambrosius understand the beauty of being alone with a special someone in their video “Alone Together.” Daley is like the epitome of soul. His lyrical tone is like a kite flying high to another world of surreal passion. His voice is like passion itself; a ribbon tying in all the sensuality of a still, intimate moment together. And Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. She knows how to capture the ecstasy of intimacy. She is a queen of understanding romance and beautifully owns it in this song. The slow melody almost reminds me of light breathing and the seconds leading up to when time becomes a distant entity. Their voices intertwine in a harmonious river of sweet, sweet soul that many would be delighted to take a sip from.


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