“We Fall Down, But We Get Up” by Donnie McClurkin

Every step in life is a constant struggle. It’s easy to beat yourself up for your mistakes. It’s easy to want to take the quick route. It’s easy to want to give up all together and take the chance of wondering, what if. But how do we expect ourselves to grow as individuals if we continue to kiss the pavement under us when hard times cause us to tumble?

Donnie McClurkin‘s “We Fall Down, But We Get Up” is true inspiration for the Christian folk and for everyone. This gospel song is the recharge batteries to keep one going during difficult times. His gentle encouragement grows into something beautiful and remarkable as it blends into the unified chorus. It’s a guide tune for those who love to live in the cloud of misery. The powerful strife of the chorus and McClurkin’s silky voice make for an inspirational symbol of what we as humans need to do to survive when life is rough. There is the good, the bad, and the destructive in life. Challenges are placed in our path because even though they may appear rocky and impossible, the strength in our faith will always carry us on to smoother days.


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