“You Make Me Smile” by Aloe Blacc

Sometimes I miss the days of being daddy’s little girl. The days of racing to the door after the first jingle of his keys when he came home. The days of him looking down on my tiny frame and picking me up to give me a piggy back ride. The days of his sleep inducing talks of life that I would beg him to tell me later when I grew up as I now regret those requests since he was only trying to educate me (Plus, I get an earful and then some of it now. No excuses though.) It’d be nice to go back and be embraced in the comfort of daddy’s little girl love once again.

Aloe Blacc takes me back to such a time in his new heartfelt video “You Make Me Smile.” The soulful croons of Blacc’s voice harmonize with the 70’s inspired tune. His cool voice casually glides over the simple beat creating a light atmosphere for easy listening. Blacc enjoys the true treasures of life as he makes a day out to make his little girl happy in this charming video. The¬†innocence, the laughter and the moon-sized eyes of a father’s little princess is the warm fire that could always melt his heart. I miss the days of bringing my father that innocent spirit to his life, but with many father’s including my own, we’ll always be his little princess that continues to make him smile.


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