“Climax” by Usher

The title is not what you think. This hotness was blazing through the airwaves for weeks and has finally been gifted a visual to add on to its sizzle. Usher proves to be the R&B king once again in “Climax,” where his smooth falsetto voice resonate over a seductive beat. He emphatically sings about a relationship coming to a close; he clings to the good times, but still pulls away from it all because of the bad. This song is like the warm steam clawing into your pores while it hangs in the air of a sauna. The sweet anticipation of the subtle, dramatic melody gently pushes my mind into anxiety of what’s to come. In the video, Usher is torn between the decision of saving his ex from her angry lover or whether to leave her alone. The suspenseful video rivets exceptionally well with Usher’s eclectic croons. His voice paints a vivid picture – whether low or high, soft or strong – of the surreal reality of surviving through a breakup.



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