Closer by Goapele

We’re almost there. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and a new wave of positive energy has transcended from these warmer temperatures onto everyone grateful enough to appreciate it. There’s nothing I want more in this world than a life full of peace. Watching the buds peak out from their winter slumber brings a few inklings of joy to my spirit every day. Spring is almost here (Or is here) and I’m just excited for the chance to able to enjoy God’s natural green Earth a little easier.

The enchantment of being surrounded by the sweet aroma of nature’s newborns in the Spring reminds me of the soothing tune “Closer” by Goapele. Her soulful presence takes the mind or the spirit to another world of nothing but pure tranquility. With a name that means to move forward in Setswana (An African language), her robust yet elegant voice can easily push the mind a step further into spiritual awareness. The lax character of the outdoors makes it much easier to bring peace to one’s world; this tune is just the guiding hand.


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