Blessed by Jill Scott

Smile. Happiness comes from within not from without. Work may seem tiresome and the things you want the most may seem light years away, but there are always those little treasures in life that dangle around in the back of our minds and get pushed away when days are gray. Let a little light shine from within and be “Blessed” from this new Jill Scott joint. The smooth 60’s inspired background singers, Biggie inspired tees and muppet characters working in the studio is a fun mix to a jumping video that’s lightly layered off of a chill tune. This is the true musical meal I’d like to take a bite of. Her essence is like the sun. She has an air of warmth that tickles my senses. Her light joy and charisma is an inspirational carriage ride that I want to take. Her spirit, her flight and her energy is a blessing in itself; a radiating creative entity that God has blessed onto us all. The vibes of Ms. Scott can seep into the deepest wells of the depressed and transform it into a space of pure joy. Her effortless glee is an inspiration to hold on to and keeps me remembering why I’m so blessed. I hope you can all feel it too.

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