My Kind of Love by Emeli Sande

It ain’t always easy. You know……life. We came in crying and screaming and are left in here to experience the new and unpredictable trials of this strange place. We tumble and fall when we least expect it, but as long as the moon, stars and suns of our lives are around, we stay grounded. I’m talking about family, friends, companions, lovers, persons who really care. They can be our angels where they patiently watch out for us to make sure the sudden rifts of life don’t push us astray from balance.

The sisterly bond seen in “My Kind of Love” is like a impenetrable shield to continue that balance. Emelie Saude captures the honest feelings of what it takes to truly be there for someone. The lyrics are like a woven blanket of intricate details outlining the strength of how her can heart beat to protect the ones she loves. Images in the video bring us to the innocent trials of childhood scattered through the swings and merry-go-rounds of her memories with her sister. The captivating nature of the song upgrades the heart to a new sense of strength and courage within the rigorous midst of Saude’s kind of love.


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