That Good Love by Tion Phipps

I want to pinch this song’s cheeks. It’s just that cute. “That Good Love” by Tion Phipps sounds like a track straight from 2004. It has that classic R&B feel that runs through the veins of any teeny-bopper. Those loose curls and sugary light voice is just the tip of the iceberg that had girls falling head over heels for acts like B2K only a few years ago. Innocence, butterflies and the warmth of puppy love just comes fluttering into my spirit from his creamy, sweet voice. Ahhhh, I might just melt back into my teens. With Phipps casually singing into his girls ears and the black and white stills of them  looking into the camera, the video is just a tad simplistic. Yet, it brings in the honey of a delicious tune. The allure of not knowing and blinded enthusiasm are the first few steps of a new, hopeful relationship. Phipps just knows the right formula to show just how good those first few months can be.

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