You Remind Me by Mary J. Blige

Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. The Mary J. Blige  jam “You Remind Me” has my head jumping on a trampoline of uncontrollable movement right now. The queen of hip hop and R&B during her beginnings was that crisp, fresh air of smooth speaking realness we could all relate to. Her voice has the vigor to break any emotional walls. Step into the waters of Mary and let her fluent river of true emotion keep you diving deep. She had that feminine swag that dominated our hearts in experiencing some absolute truths. Her music was part of a whirlpool of music that had all us ladies transferred to the stage in our minds as we attempted to belt out her powerful tunes. “You Remind Me'” was that head bopping, hip moving jam that epitomized the soul of the 90’s. You remind me, Mary of the authentic sweetness of a true musical gem.

This track of hers is also capturing my ears tonight. Can’t get enough of Mary.

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