Don’t Let Me Die by Bobby Brown

Fourteen years since his last solo album, Bobby Brown jumps back into the studio to release his newest single “Don’t Let Me Die.” It’s hard not to reminisce of the days when he was the royalty of sexy and smooth. I still do a little jig to “Every Little Step” during those moments of the week when I vacate the 2000’s to travel back into the 90s through Youtube videos. Recorded before the untimely death of his ex-wife Whitney Houston, the tune seems like an ironic message to what happened not so long ago. But it is said that its not about her.

I know the Bobby we knew back in the day is long gone, but maybe a little strip of that swag women fell head over heels for might co-exist within the present, more sensitive and possibly damaged version of Bobby.

Sometimes, it seems like the World doesn’t realize how much he’s hurting. This track might open our hearts a little to see some of the pain he’s going through. The gasp for air at the very beginning of the song is as if he’s diving into the depths of his emotions, searching for reason and understanding. His voice isn’t too bad, but at the strongest point where angst and girth weave a web of powerful emotion is where he seems to struggle. The sullen rhythm and pull for emotion truly does convey the image of someone suffocating for air.

Through this song, maybe we’ll be introduced to another side of him that we all truly need to see. His album The Masterpiece is set to be released June 5 where fans will experience the R&B legend like never seen before (….we”ll see). Hopefully, the spark that we fell in love with so many years ago has only grown and will come fighting like a ferocious lion against the rest.

Take a listen here.



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