Can We Talk by Tevin Campbell

Strolls through the park, laughing for no reason or those quiet spans of time weave together the language of romance in a budding relationship. Hearts, dandelions and bunnies are some of the common cuddly elements that seem so sweet and breathtaking when Cupid’s arrow has turned your world upside down. But how do two love birds get to this surreal place? The first steps to the land of love isn’t quite so easy, but once one makes that first move of communication, it all eventually comes together.

The classic heart-throb “‘Can We Talk” brings back moments of reason as to how a blossoming union first begins. The luscious voice of Tevin Campbell used to make my knees shake – and it still does. His cute boy charm, his velvet-like croons and even his baggy threads once upon a time would cause me to just melt into the floor. The arduous task of talking to a girl was a planned out gesture that took real care and honesty in the hopes of at least getting her name. The dips and jumps of Campbell’s enticingly pleasureful voice could be all he needs to get more than just that. Now, can we talk about how this tune just makes my heart dance?


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