Got Til It’s Gone by Jeff Bradshaw featuring Marsha Ambrosius & TWyse

The devastation of Hurricane robbed New Orleans of the cultural fusion it once used to be. Many have traveled to the Southern city to be embraced in the festivities, the music and the sea of enticing, flavorful activities for everyone to take a bite of. Unfortunately, the forces of nature turned on them leaving the town in a catastrophic mess hopeless of its former glory.

But even when the levees broke, it was destined that Louisiana would rise again. Remodeled and reused, Jeff Bradshaw took from the classic Janet Jackson joint “Got Til It’s Gone” to create his own version. Marsha Ambrosius and TWyse join him on the cut to celebrate the spirit that still resides in the rubble. This Hidden Beach Media artist recognizes the strength in New Orleans as he and his trusty trombone musically marched through the streets along with the sultry voice of Ms. Ambrosius and the cool rhymes of TWyse. Sometimes, it seems like the media has forgotten about the progressive mindset of this soulful part of the US. Thank you Mr. Brandshaw for reminding us and continuing the effort of rebuilding this amazing place.

This tune is a part of the efforts of the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund, an organization dedicated to finding the music of the artists who’ve gone missing after Katrina hit and to give instruments to new emerging artists.


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