What makes a Prince Charming?

He’s simply amazing. He tells you how beautiful you are every time he gets the chance. The days when you feel like you look like crap, he looks deep into your eyes and tells you how lovely you look. He hurries to open doors for you and always makes sure you’re walking on the side of the right side of the road. He plans romantic trips to the park ready to keep you smiling for hours with his sweet sugary charm. The first voice in the morning is his gentle voice softly breathing  his good morning which easily helps you drift out of your sleepy slumber. You know he’s the one. You know your heart has been nagging you about throwing any doubt out the window. Yet, you can’t help but allow those worries to pull you back from diving into that ocean of love to only feel the empty air of what everyone has been saying about him.

He’s too young for you. He’s too old. He never got that college degree. He’s a nerd and can never keep his butt out of school. He’s been laid off and can’t find a job. He’s rolling deep in job after job after job.

Are these shallow thoughts? Should you consider what that salty breeze of doubt has been saying? Or should you just ignore and let love rule?

We see the prince charming in all our favorite Disney movies. The prince saves the princess in each and every one of them where they always execute a certain degree of good manners and chivalry. Tall, handsome and royal is how they come. Packaged formulas of perfection saved away in a special place to come to the rescue whenever a damsel is in distress.

The movies are truly a fantasy that’s light years away from reality. With all the jerks and bums loathing around, we fail to find anything close to this movie image. Yet, that image also blinds our eyes to the men out there who are really trying to be a real world version of a prince charming. They’re hidden in the massive gluttony of  greed and power some men try to acquire.

Some men and women alike are absorbed in the synthetic glamour of money, power, and good looks that they almost become like a plastic molding of a false form of perfection. But the material desires of these people eventually do seep through to the surface and ooze out nasty characteristics.

A fine cut suit, a money making job and all the fine physical features could look edible enough to swoon over and beg for savior. But the real prince charming shouldn’t be represented by a job or looks. The character, the actions, the kindness, the love is what makes up a real prince. He could look like a toad on the outside whether it be his looks or what he lacks. But the genuine spirit and a heart overflowing with love are the pure traits to the real life prince charming.

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