Blown Out by Carlitta Durand

I’m loving this. The breezy soulful croons of Carlitta Durand is driving me wild. Her newest track “Blown Out” is full of promise to this breath of fresh air. Durand will be releasing her latest album I’ll Be Gorgeous When I Die on August 12. I honestly don’t know if I can wait that long. A little whiff of this track and I am gone. The futuristic beats dances along with her fun, cool voice in this hypnotically tempting track. I can’t wait to hear more; it’s a little upsetting that it cuts short at 1:42.

To help the release of her new project, she’s trying to raise funds through Kickstarter using the song to promote the campaign. I for one hope this rising star will make it to the top. If you’re feeling her sound and want to help out, check out her page here.

Listen to “Blown Out” here.


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