Western Esotericism by The Flaming Lips featuring Erykah Badu

She did it again. Only this time, I’m left a lot more confused than before. Known for her unconventional antics, Erykah Badu shows us her bodacious body in her new peculiar video, “Western Esotericism.” She joins forces with Flaming Lips to create a work of art that’s befuddling to the masses, but enlightening to the curious. Many are stuck trying to figure out the message of this enigmatic video. The trippy, other worldly drawls of Ms. Badu is like a Frankenstein creation of this Roberta Flack remake “The First Time Ever I  Saw Your Face.” You wouldn’t know whether it’s her sister’s or her boobs, butt and vag shots seen in during the video. She’s sitting in a tub for most of it, but her sister is entirely nude. Scenes of her sister drenched in what looks like gold dust at first, blood next and then semen later is seen throughout.

I think it could be a symbolization for how African American women are portrayed in esoteric societies: beauty represents the gold, pain is the blood and sex is the semen. The western world could have their own strange society that we pretend doesn’t really exist and this is one of the most symbolic and blunt ways to show it. Or it could be a symbolization for child birth. Then again, I don’t really know; one can only guess or literally ask her or the Flaming Lips themselves and hope they’ll give an easy to understand answer.

This is definitely an obscure piece of artistic expression, but it keeps the mind growing for understanding and knowledge. I definitely commend Ms. Badu for her effortless reach to think outside the box and create her own forms of shapes for her mind to be free in. The machines of our brains are definitely back in action due to this rebellious work.  Maybe we’re all a bit perplexed as to what this musical fusion was trying to say, but the true beauty in this is how a semi-world of ideas can be brought about from this mysterious message.

You can check it out for yourself here. (Children need not click)


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