Pyramids by Frank Ocean

Truly an artist capable of bringing one to another dimension, Ocean continues with his super iconic trend of channeling unique innovation to R&B with his new single “Pyramids.” This first single from his newest album Channel Orange, set to be released on July 17, is a composite story of tripping beats dashed in with his dream influenced voice. This ten-minute tune is a journey in itself, transcending from a psychedelic, electronic diaspora of funky sounds to a trance like realm of still. The delightfully artistic words of Ocean tell a tale of a Cleopatra on an escape from the palace of his heart. She runs away to another leaving the royal chamber of his arms  into the unfortunate fate of a tempter. The more low key, relaxed vibe of the remaining minutes leads into the story of a Queen who’s lost her throne to the streets as its night slave. The offbeat sounds and imaginative message of this track takes one to a different sense of true talent rising in this blossoming genre of R&B.


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