If You Love Me by Tiffany Evans

I’ve been blown away by her voice ever since I saw her perform on the Maury show (the days before the paternity and lie detector tests takeover). For a little girl, Tiffany Evans could SANG. And that’s an understatement. Her voice was already powerful enough to curve valleys, start earthquakes and break dams. The force and beauty of her range blew me all the way to Africa and back. It could tap dance on the little whispers of many mainstream artists and push them into the deepest wells of the Earth.  Her new single “If You Love Me” shows off a more mature, refined sound for the singer. Similar to Beyonce’s “1 + 1”,  Evans puts her own twist of spin-tingling versatility on the track. I’m in awe from the beauty, quality and simplicity of her earth-shattering voice. This is a sweet treat from the cake of her amazing vocal abilities. I can’t wait to see how much she’s going to shine as a grown woman.


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